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15-Mar-2011 The hospitality industry is unique. A transient workforce, ever increasing competition, constantly changing industry trends and long and unusual work hours.

It can be easy to get caught up in the daily operation of your business and forget about the bigger picture.

How long has it been since you last reviewed your business communications? You might be surprised to learn that the introduction of new technologies and greater competition has resulted in the price of some services actually decreasing over time. If you fail to regularly review your telecommunication services, you may be paying too much and/or falling behind technology (and your competitors).

When reviewing your services, you should consider the following:


It’s not everything but let’s face it, no business can afford to throw money away. Price should always be an important consideration but it pays to read the fine print to discover what you are actually paying for.  Something that sounds cheap up front might be hiding additional fees and/or penalties. You should also consider bundling your products together. This can often result in fleet discounts saving you on your call costs.

Group Buying Power

This fact often gets overlooked in the hospitality industry, particularly with smaller operators. Whilst you may run a single site operation, it’s not difficult to combine with other businesses to negotiate better rates. Consider your industry association, local trader network, chamber of commerce or franchise group. Many telecommunications service providers would be keen to sign up multiple businesses at a reduced margin.  

Customer Service.

The Hospitality Industry prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service and deserves the same in return. Very few in the industry work typical office hours so your choice of a telecommunications provider should consider this fact. Is help available at a time that suits you? Can you call an account manager direct or are you expected to go through a call centre?

Emerging Industry Trends.

Consider this. Wireless Internet ‘Hot Spots’ are becoming more and more common in hospitality venues and this service is often provided free of charge. Can a customer access the Internet in your establishment of do they need to go to one of your competitors? Not only can this give your customers a perception of better service, it can also result in longer visits and higher spend. Trends will always change and should be a consideration with any telecommunications review.


As with most business sectors, the hospitality industry is faced with constantly changing technology. Businesses need to consider what they would like to have versus what they actually need. Your equipment should provide the functionality and reliability needed to run your operation but you probably don’t need to upgrade every time a new product comes onto the market. Trying to do so is likely to be a very expensive exercise as new products are constantly being released.


Consider the telecommunications products your business actually uses. Do you have enough phone lines? Do you have too many? Can your customers get through when they’re trying to make a reservation? Could your business benefit from an inbound number (13, 1300, 1800)? As with technology, your products should allow for the smooth operation of your business... No more and no less.

A regular review of your telecommunications services doesn’t have to take a lot of your time. It might simply mean taking a look during down times however at a minimum, you should complete a review towards the end of your existing contract. You might even find it financially viable to change providers mid contract as the savings may be enough to pay out any early termination penalties.


If you’re not under contract, check now (or contact Ytelco on 1300 853 472 and we'll do it for you).

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